Limiting Your Risk For Needing A Root Canal

Limiting Your Risk For Needing A Root Canal

Posted June 12, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Does a cavity on your tooth mean that a root canal treatment is in your immediate future? Not necessarily – this procedure is only necessary for decay that has been able to access the interior of your tooth. If a cavity is caught soon enough, the restorative care you require can be less involved. Patients who seek prompt treatment for tooth decay will typically only need a dental filling. How do you make sure you receive the care you need in time? Make sure you have recurring dental checkups, so that your dentist can find cavities early in their development. These visits, along with smart care at home, can help by lowering your overall cavity risk.

Keep Up With Regular Dental Visits

At every regular dental visit, your dentist is paying close attention for any signs of tooth decay. Stopping a cavity early in its development will limit the harm it can do. Instead of requiring a root canal and a dental crown, your treatment can conclude with no more than a dental filling.

Practice Better Daily Oral Care

If you keep up with regular dental visits, and practice better daily oral care, you can have an easier time avoiding cavities. Are you flossing daily? Do you pay attention to how much sugar you tend to enjoy during meals? Smarter daily care is important to your overall oral health.

A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

You might be unhappy to learn you need a root canal, but you should know that without it, you can lose your tooth. Bacteria in your pulp will damage the tooth’s nerves, and can spread to your jaw, and create more trouble. If you feel something may be wrong with a tooth, seek attention for it as soon as possible.

Worried You Might Need A Root Canal? Talk To Wager-Evans Dental

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