3 Issues With Your Diet That Can Hurt Your Oral Health

3 Issues With Your Diet That Can Hurt Your Oral Health

Posted June 7, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

3 issues with your diet that can hurt your oral health Your diet, if it is properly managed, can help you maintain good health. It is important to understand that you should think of your diet as being about more than just your body. The choices you make regarding what you eat and drink can influence the condition of your teeth, too. Products like sugar can increase your likelihood of developing cavities, and hard substances can result in dental damage. While you should not feel that you need to be perfect at every meal, mindfulness can help you prevent problems with your oral health.

1. Too Much Sugar

Sugar feeds oral bacteria, and oral bacteria produce damaging acids after ingesting sugars. Eventually, those acids will cause a cavity to form. When this happens, you will need to have the infected area removed, and restored with a tooth filling.

2. Eating And Drinking Products With Higher Acidity

Acids soften your tooth enamel. This lowers your guard against decay-causing bacteria. It can also make you more likely to suffer tooth discoloration.

3. Chewing And Biting Hard Substances

Hard substances should be approached carefully, as you could find yourself with a chipped or cracked tooth. If the damage is serious enough, a misguided bite into a hard substance could leave you needing a dental crown.

Bonus: Color-Rich Items Can Be Trouble For Your Smile

Your diet also plays a part in your smile’s appearance. Products with a richer color can discolor teeth. This can be a problem if you consume too much of something – for instance, if you routinely drink many cups of coffee every day. A professional whitening treatment may be called for if you want to restore the color of your smile.