Avoiding Oral Health Troubles In Times Of Stress

Avoiding Oral Health Troubles In Times Of Stress

Posted February 27, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

During periods of stress, responsibilities can start to feel overwhelming. Longer hours at work, more social commitments, and other developments can rob us of time and energy. For some, that can lead to actions that have a negative effect on their oral health. For instance, if you find yourself frequently rushing to work in the morning, you may skip on brushing your teeth from time to time. That neglect can make it possible for tartar to form, which can increase your cavity risk. You might also be tempted to cancel a routine checkup in order to handle other affairs. While your dentist respects your time, and your commitments, you should recognize that poor oral health care can put you at risk for problems that call for restorative dental care.

Daily Habits Have Can Impact Your Long-Term Oral Health

Have long days sent you to the coffee machine, or the local coffee shop, more than usual? Are you neglecting to brush and floss because you feel you lack the time to do so? These little moments can seem harmless in isolation, but their effects accumulate. Too much coffee can lead to frustrating dental discoloration that you need a professional whitening treatment to reverse. Poor brushing and flossing can increase your cavity risk, and a cavity is hardly a welcome development, even when life is less hectic.

Making Your Oral Health A Priority

Making your oral health a priority involves regular dental checkups, but it also calls for you to take good daily care of your smile. If you brush and floss effectively, you can eliminate food particles and bacteria that lead to trouble. If you keep up with regular visits, you can avoid letting a cavity build up until you need a root canal treatment.