Bringing Dental Expertise To The People Of Peru

Bringing Dental Expertise To The People Of Peru

Posted August 17, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

Dr. Evans in Peru 1 Dr. Evans has recently returned from Iquitos, Peru, where he was able to use his dental expertise to help a local clinic. In addition to treating patients, he was able to provide instructions on oral care to more than 100 kids in the area. He also brought toothpaste and toothbrushes for people in Iquitos. In addition to working with the people of Iquitos, Dr. Evans visited a remote village (only reachable through a boat ride and hike through the Amazon!) in order to bring resources and instructions to the people there. By offering his professional skills to these remote people, Dr. Evans was able to assist people whose oral health can be neglected. That neglect can have serious ramifications, as your oral health can have a real influence on your overall health.

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The People Of Peru Project

Dr. Evans in Peru 8 The Evans family, along with other members of their church, were able to bring service to Iquitos with the aid of the People Of Peru Project. The organization is dedicated to helping bring aid to a region of the country that is isolated from their neighbors by large swaths of jungle, and beset by issues of poverty, disease, and malnutrition. In addition to providing Dr. Evans’s dental services to the underserved people in Iquitos and beyond, the church group was able to bring resources, help develop the local infrastructure, and learn more about the villagers, and their needs. A major focus of the People Of Peru Project is taking care of the children in Iquitos, who can be the most vulnerable to the deprivation of the region. The Evanses and other church volunteers took time to work with the local orphanage.