Bringing Dental Expertise To The People Of Peru

Dr. Evans in Peru 1Dr. Evans has recently returned from Iquitos, Peru, where he was able to use his dental expertise to help a local clinic. In addition to treating patients, he was able to provide instructions on oral care to more than 100 kids in the area. He also brought toothpaste and toothbrushes for people in Iquitos. In addition to working with the people of Iquitos, Dr. Evans visited a remote village (only reachable through a boat ride and hike through the Amazon!) in order to bring resources and instructions to the people there. By offering his professional skills to these remote people, Dr. Evans was able to assist people whose oral health can be neglected. That neglect can have serious ramifications, as your oral health can have a real influence on your overall health. Continue reading “Bringing Dental Expertise To The People Of Peru”

What Is Dental Tourism?

tourismHave you ever heard of dental tourism? It’s meant to help you save on dental expenses. Does it work? If you decided to seek dental treatment abroad where would you choose to go? According to Patients Beyond Boarders, a medical tourism group, over 500,000 Americans traveled abroad for dental treatment in 2013. This trend has been labeled “dental tourism.” Patients are seeking dental treatment out of the country to get high quality care that they can afford. Read on to find out more about dental tourism.

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What Do You Know About Microbeads?

microbeadHave you heard the news stories regarding microbeads? If so, then you already know what the fuss is about. If not, then you probably wonder what they are. Either way, you can take your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans’ true or false quiz below to find out what microbeads are and how they affect you.

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The Role of the Dentist

saliva1Research has indicated the connection between your mouth and the overall health of your body, but what does that mean for dentists? At one time we thought dentists were all about teeth. Not anymore. Is the role of the dentist changing?  Today your Reno dentistsDr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans discuss the role of the dentist as well as a possible new way to detect breast cancer.

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Reno Family Dentists: What You Should Know Before Jumping in Your Pool

swimming pool 3As the days continue getting hotter, you may be thinking more and more about splashing in the refreshingly cool water of your backyard pool. But did you know that your pool could impact your teeth? Read below as your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, tell you what you should know before jumping in your privately owned swimming pool. Continue reading “Reno Family Dentists: What You Should Know Before Jumping in Your Pool”

Reno Dentists Explain the Connection Between Weight Loss and Dental Health


With summer right around the corner, people across the country are focused on losing weight and getting in shape. The best route for losing weight is diet and exercise. Not only will you boost heart health and drop unwanted pounds, but you’ll improve your dental health, as well. Your Reno family dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, reveal how a good diet and a little exercise can strengthen your teeth.

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Reno Dentists Explain Beeswax Used as Prehistoric Dental Fillings

New light has been shed onto ancient dentistry, thanks to the discovery of a 6,500-year-old human jawbone with a beeswax filling. The open access journal PLOS ONE reported a discovery that was made by researchers Federico Bernardini and Claudio Tuniz of Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy. Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans, discuss the findings.

Beeswax Fillings

The jawbone in question was in the hands of researchers for some time before the possible early filling was recognized. In cooperation with several other institutions, Bernardini and Tuniz could tell that the beeswax was most likely applied around the individual’s final days on earth. Confirmation as to whether the application transpired before or after the Continue reading “Reno Dentists Explain Beeswax Used as Prehistoric Dental Fillings”

Stem Cell Therapy May Help Regenerate Jawbones in Reno

A research study has found that stem cells can be used for quicker and less invasive bone regeneration  in the medical field. Conducted at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, and the Michigan Center for Oral Health Research, partnered with Ann Arbor-based Aastrom Biosciences Inc., the clinical trial involved 24 patients who needed jawbone reconstruction after getting teeth removed. Your Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans, explain how the study might improve the future of dentistry.

Why Our Jawbones are Important

Implanting prosthetic teeth is very difficult to do when there is a jawbone deficiency in a patient. Titanium posts are used in traditional dental implant procedures. Without the presence of strong bone, there is no point of attachment for the posts, so natural looking restorative options are reduced. The absence of dental implants signals the body to stop sending minerals to that section of the mouth, so further jawbone degeneration is likely. When jawbone loss occurs, people tend to look more aged and sunken in their facial appearance. Continue reading “Stem Cell Therapy May Help Regenerate Jawbones in Reno”