What Is Dental Tourism?

What Is Dental Tourism?

Posted March 16, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

tourism Have you ever heard of dental tourism? It’s meant to help you save on dental expenses. Does it work? If you decided to seek dental treatment abroad where would you choose to go? According to Patients Beyond Boarders, a medical tourism group, over 500,000 Americans traveled abroad for dental treatment in 2013. This trend has been labeled “dental tourism.” Patients are seeking dental treatment out of the country to get high quality care that they can afford. Read on to find out more about dental tourism.

Does it Work?

According to research, a person can save up to 70 percent on dental health costs by traveling to such places as Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, and the Czech Republic. But how does that even out with at-home dental care (care in your own country, state, and city) when travel expenses and other unforeseen issues are factored into the equation? For instance, international airfare can be costly alone, but add in hotel rooms, food, a rental car, or other type of transportation. What if there are complications? Are you going to be able to stay longer? How much time can you take off from work? Are you getting paid days off or losing money? And even if there aren’t complications, are you going to feel up to sightseeing, especially if you add in several follow-up appointments to complete the procedure and/or make sure everything is alright?

Other Issues

Then there is insurance. Does your health insurance company cover care overseas? If not, can you buy insurance protection for canceled trips or malpractice? How do you find a reputable dentist? Will there be a communication barrier?

There are several factors to consider before having a major, complex, dental procedure performed abroad. Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans suggest you do thorough research before making such an important decision.

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