How Your Dentist Prepares You For Your Porcelain Veneers

If you have been fretting over how your smile looks, the idea of having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth may have already crossed your mind. However, if you have not sought information directly from your dentist already, you may be unsure of how they go about creating and placing them on your teeth. The initial appointment you make when you are interested in veneers involves an evaluation, to make sure there are no issues that would complicate their placement. If there are worries that need to be addressed, your dentist can guide you through the preliminary restorative dental work that needs to be performed. If you have no preexisting issues, you can move forward with the placement process. Continue reading “How Your Dentist Prepares You For Your Porcelain Veneers”

Answering Questions About Porcelain Veneers

answering-questions-about-porcelain-veneers If you are looking for a way to significantly improve your appearance, and want lasting results, you may be a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers allow your dentist to make several visible improvements to your smile with a single cosmetic dental procedure. This means you can take care of discoloration – including discoloration regular whitening agents fail to fix – while also improving misshapen or damaged teeth. Not everyone will be an ideal candidate for this treatment, as it can involve the careful removal of some of your enamel. If your teeth are not capable of undergoing that removal, or not in sufficient shape to have veneers bonded to them, an alternative procedure may be needed. Continue reading “Answering Questions About Porcelain Veneers”

Using Porcelain Veneers To Cover Damaged Teeth

using porcelain veneers to cover damaged teeth Dental damage comes in different forms. There are small signs of wear and tear that can build up over the years, though they can accumulate faster if you have a habit of grinding your teeth, or chewing on hard substances. These damages, alongside the gradual loss of whiteness in your enamel, can make your teeth look older, and less attractive. This decline in your appearance can be offset through a cosmetic dental treatment. You can actually take care of both the color of your teeth, and their general condition, by receiving porcelain veneers. Dental damage that stems from physical trauma can also be addressed through cosmetic work, but if the damage is significant enough to threaten your oral health, it could call for restorative work. Continue reading “Using Porcelain Veneers To Cover Damaged Teeth”

The Long-Term Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

long-term benefits of porcelain veneers It would be surprising to find someone who hopes that the improvements gained from a cosmetic dental treatment will be short-lived. If you seek professional help in improving your smile, you presumably want those results to last. One reason so many patients will elect to receive porcelain veneers is that they provide a long-term improvement. The porcelain material used to create veneers is durable enough to stay in good condition for a long period of time. They are stain-resistant, and intended as a permanent addition to your smile. Continue reading “The Long-Term Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers”

Should I Avoid Certain Foods If I Have Porcelain Veneers?

should I avoid certain foods if I have porcelain veneers Because your porcelain veneers are meant to provide a long-lasting improvement to your smile, you will want to keep them in the best possible condition. Do you know how to care for veneers? Are you aware of the potential threats they face? You should care for your veneers the way you cared for your teeth, with routine at-home maintenance. A non-abrasive toothpaste can be useful for avoiding scuffs and scrapes that might diminish their appearance. The porcelain used to make your veneers is stain-resistant, which helps guard them against taking on stains from what you eat. However, you are still encouraged to exercise caution. Over time, dark beverages such as red wine, coffee, and tea can start to discolor them. Unfortunately, while cosmetic whitening agents can restore the whiteness of your teeth, they are not effective on veneers. Continue reading “Should I Avoid Certain Foods If I Have Porcelain Veneers?”

Knowing What To Expect With Porcelain Veneers

knowing what to expect with porcelain veneers Have you thought about having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth? It has become a popular means of hiding dental flaws, and a means to enjoying an impressive, good-looking smile. The veneers are crafted in a lab, with your unique measurements accounted for, so that they provide an ideal fit. The porcelain material is semi-translucent, so that they reflect light like natural teeth. They are also stain-resistant, so that you have less risk of tarnishing their color. Despite their durability, you should still take care to preserve their appearance. Continue reading “Knowing What To Expect With Porcelain Veneers”

Why People Choose To Receive Porcelain Veneers

why people choose to receive porcelain veneers People seek out cosmetic services in order to address problems with how their teeth look. These treatments are focused on improving your appearance, not your health. Many people elect to receive porcelain veneers. Veneers are a permanently placed, semi-translucent shell, permanently bonded over the front of your teeth. This process tends to require two visits. At the first visit, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth, and determine that your teeth will be able to take veneers. Veneers are custom-made in a lab to fit the needs of your teeth. After they have been crafted, you will return for a second appointment, where they will be affixed to your teeth – a small amount of your enamel may be removed in order to make space for them. One major benefit of veneers is that they can offer several remedies with a single procedure. Continue reading “Why People Choose To Receive Porcelain Veneers”

3 Tips For Maintaining Porcelain Veneers

3 tips for maintaining porcelain veneers Porcelain veneers can improve the appearance of your smile on several fronts. You can correct for teeth that appear unhealthy, discolored, or damaged. If you are interested in receiving porcelain veneers from your dentist, you should know that they are a permanent addition to your teeth. Just as you need to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to receive veneers, you also need to take proper care of them. When properly maintained, your veneers can offer a sustained, dramatic improvement to the quality of your smile. Continue reading “3 Tips For Maintaining Porcelain Veneers”

Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Veneers

frequently asked questions about porcelain veneers Many people elect to receive porcelain veneers in order to overhaul the appearance of their smile. Porcelain veneers are semi-translucent shells that bond to your enamel, which cover up unsightly signs of damage and discoloration. Veneers offer a variety of benefits, but they are a permanent procedure, and having more information can help you determine if they are right for you. You should also have your dentist review the current state of your teeth, to make certain that there are no existing issues that could complicate your receiving veneers. Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Veneers”

Stop Dreaming and Start Dazzling with Porcelain Veneers

Smile Brighter with Porcelain Veneers Aren’t you getting tired of watching movies paying more attention to the characters’ smiles than the storyline? If you keep catching yourself staring at people’s teeth, instead of looking into their eyes, it’s definitely time to call your cosmetic dentist! Treatment like porcelain veneers could help transform your teeth into the kind of smile that elicits envy, and much faster than you might think. If you want to have the kind of dazzling smile you’ve long found captivating, and to discover the confidence that comes along with boasting one, veneers can help. Continue reading “Stop Dreaming and Start Dazzling with Porcelain Veneers”