Check Out Art Spot Reno’s Midway Mural Tour

Check Out Art Spot Reno’s Midway Mural Tour

Posted February 3, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

art spot reno midway mural tour On the second Saturday of every month, Art Spot Reno is offering a guided tour of the murals located throughout Reno. The tour, which begins and finishes at the Blue Whale Coffee Company, is an organized effort to help Reno citizens and visitors identify some of the local art that makes Reno a creative and unique space. Your guide can help you learn the context behind these works, as well as lead you to a few murals that might otherwise be hard to find. Entry is $10 per person.


The second Saturday of every month, at 2 pm. The next tour is February 13, 2016. The tour typically lasts two hours.


The group will meet at Blue Whale Coffee Company, located at 32 Cheney St, Reno, NV 89501.


Entry to the guided tour is $10.

Activities Include:

A guided tour of Reno, to observe the murals that appear through the town. Your guide can discuss the murals, and lead your group to find murals that may be less visible to passersby.

For Additional Details:

For additional details on the event, click here. To learn more about Art Spot Reno, click here.