Check Out Reno’s Veteran’s Day Parade November 11

Check Out Reno’s Veteran’s Day Parade November 11

Posted November 2, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

check-out-renos-veterans-day-parade-november-11 This Veteran’s Day (Friday, November 11) you can honor America’s military heroes in Reno by checking out the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. An opening ceremony will kick off the day’s events, which will include a fly by and a wreath tossing. Once this ceremony has concluded, the parade will begin, and you can enjoy the sights and sounds provided by those who participate. Local residents – especially those relatives with friends or family in the parade – can gather around downtown and watch the processional take place as it passes through our local downtown streets.


The Veteran’s Day Parade will take place on Friday, November 11. The event will formally start with an opening ceremony at 11 am. The parade will begin around 11:20 am, and will conclude at around 1 pm.


The parade will pass through downtown Reno. They will begin at the Virginia Street Bridge on Virginia Street and 1st Street, and will march north to 5th Street.


The opening ceremony and parade are free to attend.

Activities Include:

An opening ceremony will honor the sacrifices of America’s military heroes. Once the ceremony has concluded, the parade will begin. You can see a variety of groups join together in the processional to celebrate this important holiday.

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