Dental Bonding Can Provide Big Changes In One Appointment

Dental Bonding Can Provide Big Changes In One Appointment

Posted January 26, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

The idea that you can make positive improvements to your smile is an exciting one, and you may be eager to see how you look after you complete a cosmetic dental procedure procedure. One reason patients are often interested in a dental bonding and contouring treatment is that they can have their results in as little as one appointment. This approach to cosmetic dental work can lead to a range of improvements. You can make teeth brighter, hide signs of damage, and correct any unevenness. You can even address issues with the size of a tooth! 

How Real Cosmetic Improvement Can Be Gained Over The Course Of A Single Appointment

During your bonding and contouring treatment, your smile can undergo a remarkable change. Contouring is a great way to reduce the size of an overly large tooth, as your dentist is able to carefully remove excess material. This can also be performed to make a tooth look more even, or to fix any chipping that may have occurred. Dental bonding relies on composite resin to make significant esthetic changes. Your dentist can apply this material to cover up discoloration, hide damage, and even add size to a small tooth!

Learning More About Cosmetic Dental Care

You can be surprised how close you are to fantastic smile changes. A bonding and contouring procedure is just one of many cosmetic services available to you. If you are solely focused on the whiteness of your smile, a whitening treatment from your dentist can be ideal for you. It can take longer to have porcelain veneers placed, as you will have to arrange two different appointments, and wait for a dental lab to construct your veneers. That being said, this approach can provide you with longer-lasting results, as the veneers can offer superior durability.

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