Professional Whitening Treatments Can Yield Better Results

If you made attempts to improve the color of your teeth with store bought whiteners, or a toothpaste claiming to improve smile color, you may be dissatisfied by the results. These products can help by removing staining particles from the surface of your teeth, while leaving behind stains that have settled deeper into your enamel. To address stubborn discoloration, a professional whitening treatment can offer better results. Your Reno, NV dental office can provide you with cosmetic care that will deliver an improvement by many shades. You can select an at-home whitening treatment, or you can have a procedure done in the office. Either option can deliver results that see your smile improve by eight to ten shades! Continue reading “Professional Whitening Treatments Can Yield Better Results”

A Brighter Smile May Be More Attainable Than You Think

When you think about the perfect smile, you may do what many people do and concentrate on the color. A bright, white set of teeth can make you look more attractive, and healthier. It can also cause others to see you as more successful, and better off overall. Unfortunately, our daily diets and habits make it all too easy to accumulate stains. If you are bothered by the way that your smile has become dull or discolored, it may be the right time to discuss cosmetic dental work with your dentist. You may be surprised at the convenience of a professional whitening treatment. You can have dramatic results after just one appointment, or just take home a whitening kit and make positive changes on your own time. Continue reading “A Brighter Smile May Be More Attainable Than You Think”

Professional Smile Improvement From An At-Home Whitening Kit

If you want to see truly impressive results from cosmetic dental work, you might assume you have to undergo treatment at your dentist’s office. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually make big changes to the color of your smile from a take-home whitening kit provided by your dentist. You can take home a kit that includes professional whitening agents, and a special appliance to evenly apply this material. When you perform the treatments at home, you can end up with a smile that is many shades brighter than before! This is one of several options you can enjoy from your dentist when you want to improve your smile’s appearance. Continue reading “Professional Smile Improvement From An At-Home Whitening Kit”

Looking For Ways To Make Your Smile Whiter

If you are worried about the color of your smile, you may have spent time looking at store bought products that promise to help. You may have already tried a remedy you picked up at your nearby pharmacy or grocery store. Patients who try these products can ultimately be disappointed in the results they enjoy. With a professional whitening treatment, you can see bigger changes. Professional whitening agents are able to take care of stains that over the counter agents and toothpastes can leave untouched. Continue reading “Looking For Ways To Make Your Smile Whiter”

Can Whitening Agents Address My Discolored Smile?

If you have discolored teeth, you can feel self-conscious during any moment that would call for you to smile. This can make you uncomfortable during photos, upon meeting new people, or in other social situations. For many patients, the problem with their teeth color comes from a buildup of enamel stains. Discoloration will occur when your teeth take on stains from dark or color-rich foods and drinks, or from tobacco products. If this describes your situation, you can benefit from the use of professional whitening agents provided by your dentist. However, those with intrinsic discoloration can require a different treatment method. Continue reading “Can Whitening Agents Address My Discolored Smile?”

One Whitening Treatment Can Have A Big Impact On Your Smile

You can carefully brush and floss your teeth, and keep up with preventive dental appointments, and stay free of cavities, yet still have stains in your enamel gather. Patients can often be frustrated by how their teeth have grown dull over time, and become further frustrated still when a store bought product has limited success correcting this issue. What you should know is that with one professional whitening treatment, you can make a big improvement to your teeth. The bleaching gels used by your dentist attack below the surface of teeth, and make the kind of impact that leads to teeth being many shades brighter. Continue reading “One Whitening Treatment Can Have A Big Impact On Your Smile”

Your Options For Addressing Smile Discoloration

Smile discoloration is capable of making you unhappy with what could be an otherwise healthy set of teeth. There is no single cause for this problem. One patient might seek help to address stains from a habit of smoking, while another might need to do something about discoloration caused by the eroding of enamel layers. Your dentist offers several different cosmetic dental treatments, including a professional whitening treatment. However, because patients have different discoloration caused by different issues, different responses can be recommended. If you feel unsure of what the right response might be, you can learn more about your individual needs with a cosmetic consultation. Continue reading “Your Options For Addressing Smile Discoloration”

Could Your Morning Coffee Habit Be Hurting Your Smile?

Many of us count on a cup of coffee in the morning to help prepare for the day ahead. You may turn to the coffee machine in your company’s break room when you need another boost of energy later in the day, too. It is important to remember that too much coffee can lead to stains in your teeth. In time, those stains can settle and worsen, and you can find yourself wondering what happened to your bright, attractive smile. Of course, coffee is one of many potential causes of dental discoloration. If you need to reverse the effects of teeth stains, you should discuss a professional teeth whitening treatment with your dentist. They can provide you with a kit that contains professional-strength whitening agents, or you can come in for an appointment, where they can perform a whitening procedure. Continue reading “Could Your Morning Coffee Habit Be Hurting Your Smile?”

Exploring Your Professional Teeth Whitening Options

A stunning, white smile can be a prominent, and particularly attractive, part of your appearance. This is why it can be so frustrating for people to see their once brilliant smile begin to dull over time. If you want to make improvements on the brightness of your teeth, speak with your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. Over the counter whitening agents can do good work eliminating stains on the surface of your teeth, but the overall results may leave you feeling underwhelmed. A professional whitening treatment can attack deeper stains in your enamel, for a more remarkable change. Exploring your cosmetic dental treatment options with your dentist can help you find the right way to make impressive improvements to your smile, and your overall appearance. Continue reading “Exploring Your Professional Teeth Whitening Options”

Avoiding Tooth Discoloration

avoiding-tooth-discoloration The idea of your teeth losing their whiteness can be upsetting. Discoloration can have a serious impact on how you feel about your smile. If you have existing concerns about the color of your teeth, your dentist’s cosmetic dental treatments can offer an ideal remedy. For discoloration caused by tooth stains, a professional whitening treatment can be effective. That being said, intrinsic discoloration can call for another approach. If you are looking to protect the current color of your teeth, or you want to know how you can keep your teeth white after a whitening treatment, look at your diet, and your daily oral care habits. Continue reading “Avoiding Tooth Discoloration”