Exploring Your Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Exploring Your Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Posted March 6, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

A stunning, white smile can be a prominent, and particularly attractive, part of your appearance. This is why it can be so frustrating for people to see their once brilliant smile begin to dull over time. If you want to make improvements on the brightness of your teeth, speak with your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. Over the counter whitening agents can do good work eliminating stains on the surface of your teeth, but the overall results may leave you feeling underwhelmed. A professional whitening treatment can attack deeper stains in your enamel, for a more remarkable change. Exploring your cosmetic dental treatment options with your dentist can help you find the right way to make impressive improvements to your smile, and your overall appearance.

You Can Choose Between An In-Office Or At-Home Whitening Procedure

A whitening treatment with professional results does not have to come from your dentist’s office. You can actually collect the necessary materials from your dentist and perform a professional-caliber whitening treatment in your own home. Of course, if you want results in short order, you can go directly to your dentist’s office and have them perform the whitening procedure. After one appointment, your teeth can be brighter by eight to ten shades!

Using An Alternative Cosmetic Treatment To Whiten Teeth

If you have internal stains that do not respond to whitening treatments, porcelain veneers can help. Having veneers permanently bonded to the front of your teeth will hide discoloration left unaltered by whitening agents. It can also help you hide other cosmetic flaws, and can provide a pronounced overall cosmetic improvement.

Learn More About Your Teeth Whitening Options

A brighter, whiter smile can be yours, thanks to your dentist’s professional whitening treatment. If you want to know more about how you can see real improvement to the color of your teeth, call your Reno, NV dentist, Dr. Evans, at (775) 800-4845. Located in Reno, NV, we proudly welcome residents from South Meadows, Double Diamond, Caughlin Ranch, Donner Springs, Meadowood, Sommersett, Arrow Creek, and all surrounding communities.