Dental Implants for Almost Everyone

Dental Implants for Almost Everyone

Posted February 8, 2014 by Wager-Evans Dental

older couple smiling happily Dental implants are a revolutionary addition to dentistry’s arsenal of teeth replacement tools. When one or more teeth are lost, the resulting damage can affect more than a patient’s confidence. Left unattended, tooth loss can slowly destroy a patient’s smile by leading to jawbone destruction and further tooth loss. Aside from providing replacement teeth with a sturdy foundation, dental implants also help stem the destruction that often follows tooth loss by replacing lost teeth roots. With equal dedication to our patients’ oral health as well as their time and comfort, Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans, offers a variety of dental implants, including mini implants that can significantly reduce your treatment and healing time.

What is a Dental Implant?

While most replacement teeth devices, or dental prostheses, are designed to replace the top portions (crowns) of lost teeth. Depending on the exact prosthesis (i.e., dental bridge, partial, or full denture), replacement teeth are typically secured with hidden precision clasps, dental adhesives, or the support of adjacent healthy teeth. By contrast, dental implants are prosthetic root devices that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. As the patient’s jawbone heals, it fuses to the implant’s biocompatible titanium surface, creating an embedded support system for the appropriate dental prosthesis. In most cases, healing lasts between four and six months, after which Dr. Wager or Dr. Evans can attach a dental crown, bridge, or custom-designed denture to complete the teeth replacement process.

The Beauty of Mini Dental Implants

Teeth roots serve a dual function in the preservation of your smile. They’re main function is to support the teeth they’re attached to and provide a canal for the jawbone to supply the tooth with nutrients. When stimulated by biting and chewing, teeth roots also facilitate a healthy blood flow to the jawbone, ensuring that the smile’s foundation receives an adequate amount of minerals and nutrients. When teeth are lost, the stimulation ceases, and the jawbone can deteriorate from the nutrient deficiency. As a result, many patients, especially those who’ve lost all teeth on one or both dental ridges, suffer from diminished jawbone structure, which can affect their eligibility for dental implant placement. Mini implants are an immediate-placement option for patients with insufficient jawbone structure. They’re smaller in diameter, and patients who receive mini implants can receive their dental prosthesis at the same time as their implant procedure.

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