Dental Terms

Dental Terms

Posted December 18, 2014 by Wager-Evans Dental

dentdict Most likely you’ve been to the dentist twice a year for most of your life, but do you always know what your dental team is talking about? How about when you read dental blogs or articles to keep up on your oral health? Do you understand all of the technical terms? Probably not, unless you are a dentist, studying to be a dentist, are a hygienist, or studying to be a hygienist. If you haven’t studied the field of dentistry or worked in the field of dentistry then this blog is for you. Today we learn some common dental terms.


Dental Terms

Alveolar Bone: The bone surrounding the root of your tooth in which your teeth are seated.

Amalgam: The silver filling material used to repair cavities.

Anaerobic Bacteria: Bacteria that cannot exist in oxygen and, therefore, grow in the oral cavity. Generally associated with periodontal disease.

Anterior Teeth: Your front top and front bottom teeth.

Bruxism: The dental term used when a person grinds and clenches their teeth.

Calculus:  Another name for tartar, which is “calcified” plaque.

Caries: The dental term for cavities.

Dentition: Your set of teeth.

Edentulous: The dental term for having lost all your teeth, or being toothless.

Gingiva: Your gum tissue.

Malocclusion: When your teeth do not line up correctly when biting down. Also referred to as a misaligned bite.

Mandible: Your lower jaw.

Maxilla: Your upper jaw.

Occlusion: The dental term referring to the way your teeth bite down together. You can have proper occlusion or you may have malocclusion or a misaligned bite.

Plaque: The sticky, usually invisible film on your teeth that is formed by, and contains, harmful anaerobic bacteria.

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