Freshen Up This Fall with Professional Whitening

Freshen Up This Fall with Professional Whitening

Posted September 22, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

Whiten Your Teeth This Fall A lot of great things come along with cooling weather, like hayrides, carving pumpkins, and rolling in piles of leaves. It can be enough to make you feel like a kid all over again, delighting in the joy of a new season. Unfortunately the passage of time isn’t always so kind to your smile. Even with great oral hygiene, it can be difficult to prevent staining, especially as the years go by. Over time, layers of discoloration can cause your smile to look dingy and aged. But professional whitening can bring the youthfulness back to your smile, by erasing many years of stains and restoring your teeth’s brightness. If you want to feel fresh and carefree, entering this fall, professional whitening could help.

Feel Cooler with Whitening Treatment

Depending on the degree of staining you’ve experienced, and your dream for your smile, there are a number of ways to correct discoloration. These treatments vary in how long they take and their cost, providing a solution for every patient and nearly every budget.

In-office treatment is the fastest way to whiten your smile. It also offers drastic results. Most patients can have their teeth lightened by several shades in less than an hour, using treatments like Sinsational Smile or Sapphire by Rembrandt. These treatments involve using the combination of a whitening gel and a special light to activate it. Together they can brighten teeth much faster than other forms of treatment.

For patients working with a tighter budget, or those not under a time crunch, at-home treatment can provide similar results. A cosmetic dentist can create custom whitening trays in order to best apply bleaching gel while protecting sensitive soft tissues. This treatment generally takes a few weeks to complete, but can leave smiles several shades brighter.