How Fluoride Varnish Can Help Your Teeth

How Fluoride Varnish Can Help Your Teeth

Posted October 7, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

how-fluoride-varnish-can-help-your-teeth Your teeth are certainly strong, but they are not invincible, and without the right care, they can suffer from problems like tooth decay. If you want help in preventing problems with your teeth, your dentist can help by providing treatment with fluoride varnish. The substance is applied evenly over your teeth, and will help strengthen your enamel, and encourage recovery from damage that could become a cavity. These treatments can help your teeth stay healthy, and offer an impressive defense against decay. You should know that you can also find fluoride in many brands of toothpaste, and in some tap water sources.

The Importance Of Prevention In Dental Care

Preventive dental measures can help limit your time in the dentist’s chair. Some of those measures come from your dentist – in addition to fluoride varnish, you receive an expert cleaning during a checkup. You should also do your part by controlling how much sugar you eat, and keeping up with daily responsibilities like brushing and flossing.

If You Do Have A Dental Problem, Seek Treatment As Soon As Possible

With good at-home care, and professional care, like fluoride varnish, you should be able to stay in good oral health for long periods of time. If you do find that something is wrong, you should not ignore it. When you choose to ignore a small problem, you can set yourself up for a bigger problem at a later date. Think about tooth decay: when decay has only just taken hold, the amount of damage is still relatively small. Your dentist can restore your tooth with a filling, the most conservative treatment option. However, if that cavity had received time to grow, you might have needed a root canal treatment to fix it.