Hybrid Dentures Offer Extra Support And Stability

Hybrid Dentures Offer Extra Support And Stability

Posted April 5, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

hybrid dentures offer extra support and stability Are you unhappy with the support your dentures receive from adhesives, or through natural suction? With the aid of dental implants, you can enjoy firm placement with implant dentures. By placing a sequence of mini-dental implants in your jaw, you can have dentures that are designed to snap into place once they are set into their proper place. This can offer extra stabilization that enables you to feel more comfortable with your replacement teeth. Dental implants can also be used to support a single-tooth prosthetic.

Receiving Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically placed in spaces that formerly housed tooth roots. After placement, your jawbone will actually fuse directly with the implant, and create a powerful hold.

Using Dental Implants For Individual Replacement Teeth

A dental implant can keep a single replacement tooth in place. In this scenario, the implant is effectively operating like a tooth root. It keeps its position in your jawbone, and offers a sturdy hold for your prosthetic. Unlike a dental bridge, an implant does not require you to alter healthy teeth.

Alternatives To Dental Implants

Dental implants are not ideal for everyone. Unfortunately, one side effect of tooth loss is depletion in your jawbone. Your jaw may not be strong enough to undergo the process of having an implant placed. However, mini implants can be used, which have less effect on your jaw. Mini implants are employed in the insertion of hybrid dentures. However, if you are still not a viable candidate for mini implants, conventional dentures are still a good option. For limited tooth loss, partial dentures or dental bridges can be used to replace lost teeth.