Improve Your Cavity Defense By Keeping Your Teeth Strong

Improve Your Cavity Defense By Keeping Your Teeth Strong

Posted October 12, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

improve-your-cavity-defense-by-keeping-your-teeth-strong Strong, healthy teeth can do a better job resisting the damages that can turn into a cavity. If you want your teeth to stay healthy, think about how you care for them. Good at-home care is a must if you want to prevent dental problems from occurring. You can also take care of your teeth by limiting products with sugar, hard substances that can hurt your teeth, and acidic items, which can make your enamel softer. You should also consider the positive role fluoride plays in your oral health. You should be using toothpaste that has fluoride. You can also find this mineral in some water sources. When you go in for a routine dental visit, your dentist can offer an application of fluoride varnish, which can boost your enamel’s ability to recover from harm.

Fluoride’s Role In Supporting Your Enamel

Fluoride improves your enamel’s health by making it easier to recover from harm. This is important, because the recovery from small damages can prevent the formation of a cavity on a tooth. Your dentist will use a fluoride varnish to help keep your teeth strong, and support your healthy regrowth of material when damage to your enamel does take place.

Other Preventive Priorities For Your Oral Health

Your teeth are crucial to your the quality of your oral health, but you also have a responsibility to take care of your gums. When bacteria infiltrate your gums, you can develop gum disease. Given enough time, that infection can carry major consequences, including tooth loss. You can use a Perio Tray, provided by your dentist, to manage a periodontal problem.