Improvements In Dental Technology Can Benefit You

Improvements In Dental Technology Can Benefit You

Posted June 22, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

improvements in dental technology can benefit you The goal of improving dental technology is to find the best techniques for taking care of patients. Your dentist can use modern methods for helping address potentially serious problems, as well as to improve on traditional techniques. For instance, you can have a filling made from composite resin placed on a tooth. Why choose composite resin over a metal filling? The resin is better for your appearance, and can create a more secure bond to your tooth. There have also been changes in how your dentist can treat problems like tooth loss, gum disease, and even patient discomfort.

Making It Easier For Anxious Patients To Undergo Treatment

Sedation dentistry has been developed so that patients who suffer from discomfort at even the thought of seeing their dentist can undergo the treatment they need. If you deal with anxieties related to dental work, you can be provided with sedative agents to keep you relaxed. This can also benefit people who have problems because of a severe gag reflex.

A Replacement Tooth That Can Also Protect Your Jaw Health

By selecting a dental implant to hold your replacement tooth, you can actually help your jaw. What makes implants unique is that they avoid compromising other teeth to keep a prosthetic in place, and also replace your tooth root. The roots of your teeth play a part in keeping your jawbone healthy.

Taking Care Of Your Gum Tissue

Your dentist has the materials you need to receive advanced protection against active gingivitis. A Perio Tray can be given to you by your dentist, so that you can enjoy a professional treatment for your gums, and defend against gum disease at home.