Quiz: Making Sure Patients Have A Comfortable Experience

What is your dentist doing to make sure you are comfortable during every visit? Many advances in dental technology have focused on helping individuals have a better experience in the dentist’s chair. One big benefit is the ease with which your dentist can provide sedation through nitrous oxide. By administering this gas during your visit, your dentist can help you stay comfortable, even if you normally struggle with dental anxiety. Of course, there are other advantages you can benefit from. Modern restorative dental work features benefits like life-like dental fillings and dental crowns, which can preserve your appearance. These improvements help, but you should also know that your dentist believes in building strong patient relationships, and making sure you know how welcome you are every time you walk through the door! Continue reading “Quiz: Making Sure Patients Have A Comfortable Experience”

Is Dental Anxiety Interfering With Your Oral Health Care?

Dental anxiety can make it harder to schedule an appointment to see your dentist, even if you feel almost certain that you have a problem calling for professional treatment. This condition can lead people to skip regular preventive dental care, and put off restorative work. If you feel you might be dealing with dental anxiety, you should understand that you are making yourself more vulnerable to serious dental problems. Thanks to modern dental sedation techniques, your dentist can help you feel at ease, and enjoy the care you need. With nitrous oxide, you can feel relaxed in the dentist’s chair, and recover from the effects in time to drive yourself home after your appointment! Continue reading “Is Dental Anxiety Interfering With Your Oral Health Care?”

More Comfortable Care, Thanks To Modern Dental Technology

Your dental health can have a big impact on how you look, and it can influence your overall well-being. Modern dental technology can provide patients with better overall experiences when they come in for restorative and general dental care. Sometimes, this means using modern materials to create more attractive restorations. It can also mean supplying relief from dental anxiety in the form of an appropriate sedative agent. When you have access to modern dental treatment, you can be sure that your oral health needs are being expertly managed. Continue reading “More Comfortable Care, Thanks To Modern Dental Technology”

Managing Anxiety With The Help Of Dental Sedation

managing-anxiety-with-the-help-of-dental-sedation Dental anxiety can interfere with your ability to undergo treatment necessary to restoring your oral health. If you are someone who struggles with the thought of going to your dentist, even when something is wrong, you should know that delaying treatment can allow a problem to worsen. Modern dental technology has improved on what your dentist can do for you, and how they can do it. One way you can benefit is through dental sedation, which can help you feel at ease during your treatment. The use of sedative aids can help people who experience dental anxiety go in for the work they need, so problems are not given time to worsen. Continue reading “Managing Anxiety With The Help Of Dental Sedation”

Improvements In Dental Technology Can Benefit You

improvements in dental technology can benefit you The goal of improving dental technology is to find the best techniques for taking care of patients. Your dentist can use modern methods for helping address potentially serious problems, as well as to improve on traditional techniques. For instance, you can have a filling made from composite resin placed on a tooth. Why choose composite resin over a metal filling? The resin is better for your appearance, and can create a more secure bond to your tooth. There have also been changes in how your dentist can treat problems like tooth loss, gum disease, and even patient discomfort. Continue reading “Improvements In Dental Technology Can Benefit You”

Mommy, I’m Afraid Of The Vacuum…

dv You may still remember your dental visits from when you were a child. Were they good or bad? Did you know what was going to happen? Were you afraid? Were the dental instruments frightening to you? And what about that thing the dentist put in your mouth that sucked up your saliva? That machine can be scary to children and so can the whole dental experience. Even if it is simply a teeth cleaning, if your child does not know what to expect they may find it a very frightening experience. Has your child ever said “Mommy, I’m afraid of the vacuum…”?

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Why We Need Dental X-Rays

Dxrays Cavities may not cause symptoms until they are so advanced you may lose the tooth or require expensive dental treatment. There are other conditions that may be going on behind the scenes of apparently healthy teeth, too. That is why we need dental x-rays. Dental x-rays allow the dentist to see between teeth, what’s going on at the root of your teeth, the inside of your teeth, and the supporting jaw bone. Getting regular dental x-rays can save you time as well as undue pain and expense.

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Dental Research And Technology

toothenamel Not many of you probably think of the field of dentistry much unless you’re studying to be a dentist, are a dentist, know a dentist, or are getting ready to go to the dentist. What goes on in the dental research and technology fields can be awe inspiring. There are always new and innovative research studies taking place, and new technology being developed. The most recent dental research and technology resulted in the development of a biocompatible material that helps rebuild worn tooth enamel.                                

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Dental Technologies

tech The dental field is never stagnant. Dental research is continuous and there are always advancements in dental technology.  Research and technology benefit your dental visits in numerous ways making them shorter, less painful, more comfortable, providing numerous treatment options, and giving you myriad choices you’ve never had before. Today your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans discuss various available dental technologies.

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The Truth About Dental X-Rays

If you keep up with your dental checkups and exams every six months, you have had plenty x-rays taken of your smile. X-rays allow dentists to look inside your teeth and also take a better look at the structure of your jaw. A thoroughly kept dental history allows dental professionals to make sure that children’s mouths are developing properly, and adults mouths are being maintained. Do you ever worry that dental x-rays lead to too much radiation exposure? Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans, can assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

The Real Deal about X-rays

Of the following, which activities or objects expose you to radiation?