The 156th ADA Annual Session In Washington, DC

IMG_4099Dr. Evans and his family recently took a trip to Washington, DC. While his family enjoyed the sights of our nation’s capital, Dr. Evans attended a conference hosted by the American Dental Association (ADA). The meeting, the 156th Annual ADA Session, was a five-day event where dentists from all over the country came together to share valuable information on the innovations and breakthroughs that have occurred for patient care. The ADA Annual Session hosted a series of speakers to discuss a variety of relevant topics, and attendance enables dentists to keep abreast of the most current developments in the matters of oral health. The session is a valuable resource for dentists who want to ensure that they are up-to-date on the science of dentistry. While Dr. Evans met with colleagues, and reviewed the research and new developments in his field, his family were able to visit historic locations like the Smithsonian museum, and enjoy the hiking in the area. Overall, the trip provided Dr. Evans a terrific opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in his field, and a fun chance for the family to explore Washington, DC.

Periodontal Disease And Psoriasis?

psoriasisPeriodontal disease has been linked to numerous other health issues and is continually being linked to more. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease are harmful pathogenic bacteria that can play havoc on other parts of your body as well. Periodontal disease has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, male impotence, pancreatic cancer, dementia, and more. The bacterium associated with periodontal disease can cause chronic inflammation. Periodontal disease has been linked to psoriasis, another chronic inflammatory disease.                                  

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Dental Research And Technology

toothenamelNot many of you probably think of the field of dentistry much unless you’re studying to be a dentist, are a dentist, know a dentist, or are getting ready to go to the dentist. What goes on in the dental research and technology fields can be awe inspiring. There are always new and innovative research studies taking place, and new technology being developed. The most recent dental research and technology resulted in the development of a biocompatible material that helps rebuild worn tooth enamel.                                

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