The 156th ADA Annual Session In Washington, DC

IMG_4099 Dr. Evans and his family recently took a trip to Washington, DC. While his family enjoyed the sights of our nation’s capital, Dr. Evans attended a conference hosted by the American Dental Association (ADA). The meeting, the 156th Annual ADA Session, was a five-day event where dentists from all over the country came together to share valuable information on the innovations and breakthroughs that have occurred for patient care. The ADA Annual Session hosted a series of speakers to discuss a variety of relevant topics, and attendance enables dentists to keep abreast of the most current developments in the matters of oral health. The session is a valuable resource for dentists who want to ensure that they are up-to-date on the science of dentistry. While Dr. Evans met with colleagues, and reviewed the research and new developments in his field, his family were able to visit historic locations like the Smithsonian museum, and enjoy the hiking in the area. Overall, the trip provided Dr. Evans a terrific opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in his field, and a fun chance for the family to explore Washington, DC.

Festival Events In Reno

festivals Festivals are a great place to spend a day or evening, and there are several different kinds. There are art festivals, music festivals, food festivals, cultural festivals, and more. They each have their own unique flavor, music, food, activities, and performances. If you enjoy festivals check out the festival events in Reno, there are several presently in progress in and around the area.

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You’re Back In Mayberry, Opie

mayberrypark Looking for things to do with the kids during the last few weeks of summer vacation? The Reno area is full of intellectual, musical, artistic, and physical things to do. Do you like to hike, bike, and swim? If so, your can do all three. Enjoy a laidback, leisurely outing the good old-fashioned way by visiting Mayberry Park. You’re back in Mayberry, Opie.

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Sparks Marina Park

smp The summer heat is sizzling. The central air is nice, but the kids want to be outside. What can you do in the outdoors and still keep cool? Go to the lake of course! Sparks Marina Park is a 77-acre lake featuring sandy beaches, paths for walking and biking, and trees for shade. A great place for anything water related, including swimming, fishing, sailing, boating, windsurfing, and scuba diving. There is no shortage of ways to keep cool this summer while enjoying the beautiful Nevada outdoors at Sparks Marina Park.

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Bartley Ranch Regional Park

BR The city is exciting with a massive amount of things to do, lots of people, entertainment, restaurants, everything you want at your fingertips. However, sometimes cities can be hot, noisy, and overwhelming and you just need an outdoor space that is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. Bartley Ranch is that and more. A great place to walk your pooch daily or just for a change of scenery, but Bartley Ranch Regional Park has so much more. If you’re looking for a place to escape check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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Have We Got A Fish Story For You…

fishing Do you love to fish? Do you love to be out on the open water? Do you love the challenge of reeling in that giant Rainbow Trout? Fishing is an exciting pastime. Being on the water with the fresh air and sunshine, and lake breeze can be relaxing, yet exciting and challenging at the same time. The fresh air and negative ions are healthy, invigorating, and uplifting. So…if you love fishing, have we got a story for you…the story of Sierra Fin Addicts.

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Reno Rodeo

Rrodeo Do you enjoy the excitement of live bull riding? Bull riding began in the Southwest United States in the 1850s. The Lone Star Fair in Corpus Christi, Texas was the first to hold an organized bull riding event. As time went on it became ever more popular and is now considered by some as the fastest growing sport in the U.S.  There is no doubt that live bull riding keeps you on the edge of your seat…pardon the pun. If you’re interested in some excitement check out the Reno Rodeo.

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The Biggest Little City Water Adventures

ltahoe Did you know that Reno, Nevada is known as The Biggest Little City in the World? And it has a lot of big…and little…things to do. No matter your interest you can find it in the Reno/Sparks area. There are casinos, indoor sports, movies, entertainment, outdoor sports, mountains, skiing, parks, swimming, and more. Looking to enjoy some water sports? The Biggest Little City has Reno water adventures for you.

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Spring Wings Festival in Fallon Nevada

birding Newly retired? Bored? Looking for something enjoyable to do around the Reno Nevada area? Birdwatching can enrich your life and your health. Just an hour’s drive from Reno this Saturday is the Spring Wings Festival in Fallon Nevada. There are many benefits to birding including getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air, soaking up the sun, making lasting friendships, keeping physically active, and exploring new and exciting places to see rare and exotic birds. Sound interesting to you? Check it out by beginning at the Spring Wings Festival.

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The Reno River Festival

kayaker Tired of the dreariness? The weather is going to shape up nicely in Reno over the weekend and just in time for the Reno River Festival. It’s time to get out and stretch your legs, use your muscles, and enjoy some fresh air, water, and sun. If you’re looking for something to do to beat away the left over winter blues and dreary spring rain, come on out and enjoy an amazing time at an amazing event: the Reno River Festival.

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