You’re Back In Mayberry, Opie

You’re Back In Mayberry, Opie

Posted August 5, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

mayberrypark Looking for things to do with the kids during the last few weeks of summer vacation? The Reno area is full of intellectual, musical, artistic, and physical things to do. Do you like to hike, bike, and swim? If so, your can do all three. Enjoy a laidback, leisurely outing the good old-fashioned way by visiting Mayberry Park. You’re back in Mayberry, Opie.

What: Mayberry Park

Where: White Fir Street, Reno, NV, 89523


Looking for a place near the water with lots of shade and picnic areas? Look no further, Mayberry Park is located right on the Truckee River. You can hike, bike, cool off with a swim, fish, barbeque, read, or just relax to the natural river sounds,  all while enjoying the beautiful scenic views of the river and mountains.

Hiking Trails

There is a paved trail on the north side of the river, but the bridge is the gateway to a world of exploration. You can climb to the top of the trail then descend into the hills featured along the Tom Cooke Trail. Enjoy the desert landscape before turning east to the Hole in the Wall. For some stunning views hike west along the ridge, then travel downward and explore the more wild southern side of the river.

Patagonia Outlet

Need a bit of A/C? The Patagonia outlet is within walking distance at this point and you can spend as much time perusing and/or purchasing things for the outdoors as you please. Some added bonuses include parking that is free, easy, and close to the river and pets are allowed in the park.