Quiz: Making Sure Patients Have A Comfortable Experience

Quiz: Making Sure Patients Have A Comfortable Experience

Posted April 20, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

What is your dentist doing to make sure you are comfortable during every visit? Many advances in dental technology have focused on helping individuals have a better experience in the dentist’s chair. One big benefit is the ease with which your dentist can provide sedation through nitrous oxide. By administering this gas during your visit, your dentist can help you stay comfortable, even if you normally struggle with dental anxiety. Of course, there are other advantages you can benefit from. Modern restorative dental work features benefits like life-like dental fillings and dental crowns, which can preserve your appearance. These improvements help, but you should also know that your dentist believes in building strong patient relationships, and making sure you know how welcome you are every time you walk through the door!


True Or False: Nitrous oxide will stay in your system for up to twenty-four hours.

True Or False: While you may feel fine when you come in for routine dental care, you may want to receive nitrous oxide during a longer or more involved restorative dental procedure.

True Or False: If you allow dental anxiety to keep you away from the dentist’s office, you can be vulnerable to dental issues your dentist can identify during a routine exam.


False! The effects of nitrous oxide can fade quickly. This is why it needs to be continually administered during your procedure.

True! Nitrous oxide is for more than just people who suffer from anxiety. A longer or more involved dental procedure may be uncomfortable, but sedation can help you stay relaxed, even when you need to spend considerable time in the dentist’s chair.

True! Regular dental exams and prompt restorative care are important if you want to defend your smile. Ignoring symptoms of oral health issues and skipping checkups can leave you vulnerable to more significant dental concerns!

Enjoy A Comfortable Patient Experience At Wager-Evans Dental

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