Is Your Flossing Routine Doing Enough For Your Oral Health?

Is Your Flossing Routine Doing Enough For Your Oral Health?

Posted February 21, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

Are you flossing often enough to make a real difference in the fight to prevent oral health troubles? When you do floss, are you doing so effectively enough to fully clean the spaces between your teeth? Your daily dental care habits are incredibly important to the health of your smile, because the threats from oral bacteria are constant. By practicing effective brushing and flossing habits on an ongoing basis, you can remove bacteria, and avoid a buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth. In addition to maintaining admirable at-home oral health habits, you should make regular visits to your dentist. At these appointments, you can receive input on the state of your smile, as well as a professional dental cleaning.

Lowering Your Risk For Gum Disease And Tooth Decay With Regular Daily Care

Your goal when you brush and floss is simple – prevent oral bacteria from having the opportunity to harm your smile. Flossing offers important protection in this efforts, as it makes it possible for you to clean spaces between your teeth that you can miss during brushing. This helps you fight cavities, and it makes it easier to avoid the onset of gum disease.

Combining At-Home And Professional Care For Superior Oral Health

Combining your daily care with regular dental visits will enable you to give your smile a remarkable degree of protection. Both at-home and in-office care are valuable in your work to prevent problems. With that said, your appointments make it possible for your dentist to identify problems that do form in their earlier stages, and take action. That can mean the difference between receiving a dental filling in response to a cavity, or making preparations to undergo a root canal treatment.

Wager-Evans Dental Can Help You Maintain Your Oral Health

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