Learn More About Cavity Treatment

Learn More About Cavity Treatment

Posted May 5, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

learn more about cavity treatments It can be helpful to know about cavities and cavity treatments – though hopefully your knowledge was not gained through too much firsthand experience! One of the main tasks of your dentist is to help prevent problems, and restore the health of your teeth when necessary. However, you also play a part in keeping your oral health in good standing. Limiting sugar, brushing and flossing regularly, and stopping in for regular checkups can make you less likely to suffer a cavity. If you do find yourself dealing with tooth decay, you should make sure you are quick to visit your dentist for a remedy.

True Or False: A Tooth That Receives A Root Canal Will Typically Be Restored With A Dental Crown

True! Because a root canal can involve the removal of a significant portion of your tooth, you should expect to have a dental crown placed after the procedure.

True Or False: A Cavity Will Kill Your Tooth If You Wait Too Long For Treatment

True! This is why prompt treatment is important. If the tooth suffers too much damage, the only recourse may be to have it extracted so that the infection does not continue to spread.

True Or False: In Most Cases, Your Filling Will Have To Be Made Of Metal

False! You can receive a filling that consists of composite resin. This material can look like your natural tooth, and minimize cosmetic worries. It can also bond directly to your enamel.

True Or False: A Cavity Will Be Painful The Moment It Forms

False! At the beginning, your cavity will only affect your enamel, and may be painless. This is one reason you are encouraged to attend routine checkups – your dentist may identify a cavity before it starts to bother you. Once found, your dentist can restore your tooth.