Planning The Placement Of Your New Dental Crown

Planning The Placement Of Your New Dental Crown

Posted September 7, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Having a dental crown that fits comfortably is important. After all, you will be relying on this dental restoration for many years, and you need to feel certain you can count on it to hold up when you bite and chew food. This is why the planning of your crown placement is important. Your dentist will take precise measurements, so your restoration is the right size that you need. They will also do preparatory work for your tooth, to make room for your crown. Once this is completed, and your crown is made, you can return to have it placed.

How Your Crown Affects Your Smile, And Your Oral Health

Your dental crown can be made from one of several different materials. How is the right material selected? The big concerns will be function, and appearance. If you need to provide care for one of your back teeth, a metal crown can be preferable, as you will be more ready to handle biting and chewing pressures. For more visible teeth, ceramic crowns offer an appearance that closely matches your other teeth. If you are worried that receiving a crown means changing your smile for the worse, you can be happily surprised at how you look after a ceramic crown is placed.

How You Can Avoid Needing A Dental Crown In The Future

One thing to remember is that when you need cavity care, a crown must be used if the amount of decay on your tooth is more than a dental filling can address. Attending regular checkups will help make sure cavities that form are caught before you need a crown to be placed over your entire tooth. These visits also reduce your risk for having cavities in the first place, which is certainly preferable to needing restorative dental care.

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