Quiz: Taking Steps Against Oral Health Threats

Quiz: Taking Steps Against Oral Health Threats

Posted November 23, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

quiz-taking-steps-against-oral-health-threats Acting quickly to have oral health problems addressed can help you avoid more serious dental problems. For instance, if you seek help in time, you can have a cavity treatment that only calls for a dental filling. If you put off treatment for tooth decay, you may face the prospect of a root canal treatment. If you want to ensure you are having problems promptly taken care of, be sure to keep up with your regular dental appointments. Each of these visits puts you in a position to have a problem detected, and treated, by your dentist. Simply waiting until you feel something is wrong can allow these issues to grow in severity.


True Or False: If you do nothing about gum disease, you can face a higher risk for tooth loss.

True Or False: To fully remove a cavity, you will always need to undergo a root canal treatment. There are no exceptions.

True Or False: Drinking more water, especially when you use water to replace flavored drinks that contain more sugar, can help you avoid cavities.


True! Advanced gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss – ignoring early signs of gum disease can significantly complicate your oral health later. If you notice that your gums are more sensitive, more prone to bleed, or appear red or swollen, talk to your dentist. Advanced periodontal protection can help protect your smile from gum disease.

False! A root canal can be avoided as long as your cavity is removed before it reaches the interior of your tooth.

True! Switching a sugary drink for water means exposing your teeth to less harm. This can make it easier to avoid cavities.