Quiz: Undergoing Dental Work

Quiz: Undergoing Dental Work

Posted July 20, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

quiz undergoing dental work Hopefully, dental visits that lead to the finding that you need work done on a tooth are few and far between. When you keep up with good oral care – which means a combination of regular checkups and at-home care – you stand a better chance of keeping your teeth healthy. Unfortunately, sometime problems like tooth decay still happen. There are several restorative treatments you could require if you need help from your dentist. One thing you should understand is that when it comes to needing work done, putting off tooth care can lead to complications, and more involved treatment.

True Or False: After A Root Canal, Your Tooth Will Be Restored With A Dental Filling

False! Undergoing a root canal means having your dentist access your tooth’s pulp. The amount of material that has to be removed is more than can be replaced with the addition of a dental filling. A dental crown is up to the task of restoring your tooth after a root canal.

True Or False: Leaving Gum Disease Untreated Can Put You At Risk For Tooth Loss Later In Life

True! If gum disease is given the time it needs to progress to a more advanced stage, you will face an increased chance of losing teeth. Periodontal care from your dentist can help your gums recover from an infection.

True Or False: A Metal Dental Crown Is The Most Realistic-Looking Type Of Crown

False! Your dentist can provide you with a dental crown made from porcelain, which has a more realistic look than metal. The porcelain material is popular because it can be so hard to distinguish from a natural tooth, but a metal crown may be recommended by your dentist for your back teeth, which face more stress.