Quiz: What Takes Place During Cavity Treatment

Quiz: What Takes Place During Cavity Treatment

Posted April 28, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

When you experience a cavity, your dentist has no choice but to remove the portion of your tooth where decay is located. This is necessary because the damage of a cavity is permanent, and total removal is required to save the remaining tooth structure. In order to address this loss, your dentist will offer a restoration to keep your tooth in good condition. Smaller cavities typically lead to the placement of a dental filling. For decay that has done more harm, a dental crown can be required. One major concern when it comes to decay is the infiltration of bacteria into your pulp. This creates problems for the tooth’s living tissue, and can lead to serious complications.


True Or False: You will not need a root canal for every cavity – this procedure is only needed when an infection has caused trouble with the interior of your tooth.

True Or False: A crown can be made of natural-looking materials like ceramic, but your dentist may recommend a stronger metal crown for your back teeth.

True Or False: After about a year, your tooth should have rebuilt the material lost to tooth decay, making your restoration no longer necessary.


True! A root canal is performed when problems within your tooth need to be addressed. If a cavity is caught before bacteria can create internal issues, then the procedure is not needed.

True! If your dentist is concerned about how much force a crown will have to endure, they may recommend a metal crown. If you are still worried about your appearance, you may be interested in a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, which can have a more pleasing appearance.

False! Any damage suffered from a cavity is permanent. You should understand that the restoration you need is permanent.

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