Quiz: What You Should Know About Modern Fillings

Quiz: What You Should Know About Modern Fillings

Posted April 25, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

What should you know about modern dental fillings, and how they can benefit you? One matter that many patients can appreciate is how modern dental fillings affect your smile – or, more accurately, how they do not affect your smile. Because your dentist is using composite resin fillings to restore your tooth after cavity treatment, your tooth will not be affected visually. This material is durable enough to protect your enamel, and it can be a great cosmetic match for the surface of your tooth. Patients who come in for cavity treatment can feel more comfortable and confident when they know that their appearance will not be negatively altered by a procedure.


True Or False: The composite resin used to create dental fillings is also useful for cosmetic dental work.

True Or False: Modern fillings look more like your enamel, but they only last about a year.

True Or False: Not all cavities can be addressed with fillings – sometimes, your tooth will need a dental crown.


True! During a dental bonding treatment, your dentist will use composite resin to cover up any superficial flaws that are affecting the look of your tooth. Bonding and contouring treatments can help to transform your smile in as little as a single appointment!

False! While they are popular for their appearance, composite resin fillings are still durable enough to offer support for your tooth that can last years.

True! Fillings are effective at treating cavities that have damaged your enamel. Unfortunately, if you have a larger cavity – particularly one that requires a root canal treatment – you can require a more substantial restoration. In these instances, your dentist can support your tooth with a dental crown. Fortunately, modern materials are also available to provide you with a life-like dental crown.

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