Remember These 3 Things If You Have An Injured Tooth

Remember These 3 Things If You Have An Injured Tooth

Posted May 7, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

We often think of tooth problems as being about oral health – for instance, a healthy tooth versus one that is experiencing a cavity. What you should know is that you should be mindful of how physical trauma can affect your smile, too. When you experience a physical injury, it can have negative effects for the tooth’s appearance, and its health. A tooth injury may cause distress, but you can be reassured in the knowledge that your dentist is ready to provide help. In fact, modern restorative dental care can make it possible to address the problem, and restore your tooth’s appearance. 

1. Your Dentist Can Assess The Condition Of Your Tooth, And Make Sure Proper Care Is Provided

Bring an injured tooth to your dentist’s attention, especially if you feel ongoing discomfort. There are instances where an injury will cause a person to suffer internal problems, which can led to further trouble. Your dentist is able to provide relief from this issue by performing a root canal treatment. Thanks to the use of modern practices, you can be surprised at how well your dentist can provide for your comfort.

2. Modern Restorative Work Can Improve Your Tooth’s Appearance

If your tooth needs structural support, or if you have had to undergo a root canal to protect the tooth from internal damage, your dentist can supply you with a dental crown. Life-like crowns are available, and can help you feel great about your smile, even after an injury.

3. Minor Dental Harm Can Be Addressed With Cosmetic Work

Not every dental injury will call for restorative work. Unfortunately, a minor injury may still leave some negative effects for your appearance. Your dentist can provide cosmetic dental work that discreetly hides damage, and preserves your smile.

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