National Stuttering Awareness Week: Children’s Dental and Mental Development

National Stuttering Awareness Week: Children’s Dental and Mental Development

Posted May 16, 2012 by Wager-Evans Dental

If you have ever held a conversation with someone who stutters, you know that it involves repetitions, pauses, and drawn out syllables in the speech pattern, which are extremely difficult for that individual to control. Often, people with a stuttering problem feel uncomfortable in social situations, especially children. A speech impediment should never be a reason for children to prevent themselves from reaching their full potential. That is why, in honor of National Stuttering Awareness Week, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans would like to join in raising awareness on the relationship between a child’s dental and mental development.

What is the Relationship Between a Child’s Dental and Mental Development?

A child’s dental and psychological health go hand in hand, and not just in regard to stuttering. If a child is experiencing poor dental health, eating could be very uncomfortable, thus causing malnourishment, which can negatively affect a child’s cognitive abilities. In addition, if a child has unsightly teeth, whether they are yellow or badly crooked, it will be embarrassing for them to smile, let alone work up the courage to speak aloud.

How Can Dentistry Help?

With regular dental visits, the condition of your children’s teeth can dramatically improve, and in no time they will be using their new smiles to make new friends. Furthermore, if your child suffers from a speech impediment due to a malocclusion, dentistry may be able to fix that. Although a speech impediment could be the result of any number of things, including heredity and neurological issues, oftentimes it is due to a malocclusion or “bad bite,” which is sometimes the result of thumb sucking when a child is young. If this is the case, there are solutions within dentistry, such as braces. These are applied by an orthodontist and adjusted over a period of time to move the teeth into a better position. Following the removal of the braces, the patient will then wear a custom-fitted retainer, which makes certain that the teeth do not shift back into their original positions.

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