Reno Dentists Explain the Consequences of Refusing a Dental Filling

Reno Dentists Explain the Consequences of Refusing a Dental Filling

Posted July 26, 2013 by Wager-Evans Dental

tooth decay 3 When a tooth develops a cavity, it is very important for it to be repaired by a dental filling. Refusing a dental filling can have disastrous consequences for a tooth and the mouth. To learn more about the important role dental fillings play in restoring oral health, read the explanation below from your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans.

What Happens to a Neglected Cavity?

A cavity is a manifestation of the peril in which a tooth finds itself. If the cavity is left untreated, the decay will only worsen as bacteria delve deeper and deeper into the tooth. As decay worsens, the tooth will begin to lose more of its structural integrity, increasing its risk of cracking, chipping, breaking, which would rob it of its function and necessitate the placement of a dental crown.

However, structural damage is not the only concern for a tooth with a neglected cavity. If bacteria delve deep enough, they can reach the innermost portion of the tooth (the pulp). It is important that this vital area of a tooth remain free of bacteria because if bacteria are able to access the pulp, they can create an infection that puts the life of the entire tooth in peril. When an infection develops in a tooth, root canal treatment is necessary to remove the infected pulp so that the structure of the tooth can survive. If root canal treatment is refused, however, the tooth may eventually die and fall out, but there is no guarantee that the infection will die with it. Infections have been known to spread into the jaw and throughout the mouth, and in several cases, they have even spread into the body where they can cause illness.

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