Should You Be Worried About The Condition Of Your Enamel?

Should You Be Worried About The Condition Of Your Enamel?

Posted February 28, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

Our teeth enjoy considerable protection thanks to their enamel. Enamel keeps them safe when you bite and chew, and the substance is able to resist damage caused by oral bacteria, up to a point. Unfortunately, because enamel does not consist of living cells, breakage can be permanent. However, physical trauma is not the only issue you should worry about when it comes to keeping your enamel safe. Wear and tear over time can cause layers of your enamel to erode. This can make it harder for you to keep your teeth safe from cavities, as they will have less protection. This loss of enamel can also lead to cosmetic dental troubles, as your smile may appear duller.

Issues That Can Negatively Affect The Condition Of Your Tooth Enamel

Because natural wear and tear can eventually cause your enamel to erode, everyday habits can eventually lead to trouble. Older patients may find themselves having a harder time avoiding cavities partly because of this. You can also harm your enamel by consuming sugary and acidic products. Acids can soften the enamel, and weaken it. Sugar feeds oral bacteria, which release acids as a result of feeding and cause potential tooth decay. While some wearing down can take place over time, smart preventive care at home, along with regular dental exams, can help you preserve the condition of your teeth.

Can A Wearing Away Of Enamel Lead To Cosmetic Problems?

Patients who have experienced more erosion of their enamel may see their teeth start to look dull. This is not something you can address with a teeth whitening treatment. However, your dentist can look into providing support with an alternative cosmetic procedure. In a case where a tooth is especially vulnerable because of problems with your enamel, a dental crown may be needed.

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