Should You Use Dental Implants To Hold Your Prosthetic?

Should You Use Dental Implants To Hold Your Prosthetic?

Posted December 19, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

should-you-use-dental-implants-to-hold-your-prosthetic Your dentist would certainly recommend doing something about tooth loss. For starters, you can regain important confidence in your smile once it is complete again. You also receive benefits for your oral health. Chewing and biting food can be easier when you have a secure dental prosthetic. For those who feel that tooth loss has frustrated their ability to speak naturally, stable prosthetic can be of value. Depending on your current condition, your dentist can recommend having dental implants placed to support your restoration. The implants can provide long-term stability that will imitate the hold that a tooth’s root provides.

The Unique Advantages You Gain From Dental Implants

You can have a permanent prosthetic even if you do not receive a dental implant. Using the support of dental crowns, a dental bridge is able to stay in position, and hold up against regular biting and chewing. However, a dental implant has the unique benefit of protecting you from the onset, or continuation, of jawbone resorption. This issue starts because a tooth root is no longer signaling the need to support the surrounding jaw with nutrients. Dental implants can reproduce those signals.

Fully Recovering Your Oral Health After Tooth Loss

Addressing tooth loss can be a part of a larger plan to fully rehabilitate your oral health. The comprehensive work your dentist provides can target the range of issues that are bedeviling your condition. This can mean providing prosthetics, but it can also include restoring teeth in poor health. You may also need help with gum disease.