Bonding and Contouring: The Finishing Touch for Your Smile

Do gaps, chips, or misshapen teeth mar your otherwise gorgeous smile? Cosmetic bonding and contouring can correct those flaws to bring out the full potential of your smile. Dr. Brian Evans and Dr. William Wager, cosmetic dentists, perform bonding and contouring procedures in their Reno, NV, dental practice.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding involves applying layers of composite resin, which we also use for white fillings, to the teeth. This procedure can close a diastema (gap) between teeth or repair chips or pits in the teeth. Because the composite resin material can be tinted to match your natural teeth, the bonding will be seamless. Bonding is also a wonderful options to whiten the teeth, as it can be placed on the fronts of all of your teeth for dazzling, uniform color. Only minor tooth preparation is required for this procedure: an etching solution is applied to the enamel so that the bonding material adheres to teeth. Continue reading “Bonding and Contouring: The Finishing Touch for Your Smile”