Take In The Spectacle Of Jurassic Quest April 6-8

Take In The Spectacle Of Jurassic Quest April 6-8

Posted March 7, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

From Friday, April 6 through Sunday, April 8, the Reno-Sparks Convention Center will play host to Jurassic Quest! This three day event will allow guests to roam a space filled with dinosaurs built to the correct scale, meaning you can be surrounded by these creatures at their full height. Guests will be able to explore three different periods – the Cretaceous, the Jurassic, and the Triassic. In each area, you can see models of dinosaurs that have been created with incredible detail. In addition to highly realized models, there will be many fun dino-themed games and activities for guests to take part in.


Jurassic Quest is scheduled to run from Friday, April 6 through Sunday, April 8.


This event is being held at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, which is located at 4590 S Virginia St, Reno, NV.


General admission for kids and adults will be $20. You can also purchase a VIP kids package for $34, which will secure UNLIMITED access to a number of rides, games, and activities!

Activities Include:

During this event, you can marvel at painstakingly detailed, life-size dinosaur models from the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic periods. In addition to exploring these models, you can take part in games, rides, and other fun dinosaur-themed activities.

For More Information:

For more information about this event, click here.

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