Take Trouble With A Dental Filling Seriously

Take Trouble With A Dental Filling Seriously

Posted May 31, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

A dental filling should offer your tooth long-term protection once it has been placed. A filling, the most conservative response to a cavity, will be crafted with composite resin. This material allows your dentist to give your restoration superior support, because it bonds directly to your tooth. Its appearance can match your enamel, so in addition to durability and stability, you enjoy a limited impact on your appearance. Unfortunately, some patients will find themselves with an issue. The filling could come loose, or suffer damage. You may experience harm to the tooth structure surrounding it. If this occurs, make sure you promptly see your dentist for needed restorative dental work.

Undergoing Care For A Problem With Your Dental Filling

Your dentist can replace your old filling with a new one, or – when it is called for – provide you with a dental crown. A crown offers more support, and more protection, by covering the entire tooth above your gum line. To protect you against an unwelcome change in your appearance, your dentist can provide you with a ceramic crown. However, if the tooth being treated is harder to see, and required to tolerate greater biting and chewing pressures, a gold or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown might be preferred.

Be Mindful Of Issues That Can Lead To Dental Damage

Providing good care for your teeth will help you limit the risk to any fillings or other dental restorations you have. Make sure you stay on top of your teeth cleaning regimen, and be careful not to bite into particularly hard items. A habit of chewing something like ice, or pen caps, can lead to dental trouble.

Trouble With Your Dental Filling? Talk To Wager-Evans Dental!

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