Taking Care Of Those Unsightly Smile Flaws With Veneers

Taking Care Of Those Unsightly Smile Flaws With Veneers

Posted July 23, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

There are a number of different problems that can make a person reluctant to show off their smile. The presence of chips or cracks, developmental flaws, and discoloration can cause embarrassment and frustration. Fortunately, your Reno, NV dentist’s office can provide cosmetic smile care that addresses these different issues. When an individual wants to correct multiple issues, and ensure lasting improvements, porcelain veneers can be recommended. When you use porcelain veneers to address smile flaws, you can hide many superficial concerns with just one procedure. Your dentist can talk to you about what to expect from veneers, or any other cosmetic procedure, during a consultation.

Designing And Placing Custom-Made Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are made from an incredibly resilient porcelain material that can remain in place, and in good condition, over the years. The placement process involves two appointments. You need to go in for an initial evaluation, and to have your teeth measured for your veneers. Your dentist can provide preparatory work to make sure veneers stay firmly in place, and do not protrude. When your custom veneers are created, you will go back to have them affixed to your teeth. Veneers, like your natural teeth, can be damaged by bad habits and poor oral care. Make sure you keep up with brushing and flossing, and limit your exposure to dark liquids that can potentially cause stains.

Finding The Right Way To Keep Your Smile Looking Great

Having an evaluation to find the right solution to your cosmetic concerns can lead to helpful information, and great results. You might be surprised at what your dentist can do for you, and what the best approach might be to address your concerns. For instance, you may assume that a teeth whitening treatment is the “right” way to deal with discoloration. What you might not realize is that your concern is over intrinsic discoloration, something veneers could be better equipped to address.

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