Tartar Removal And Other Benefits From Dental Checkups

Tartar Removal And Other Benefits From Dental Checkups

Posted November 18, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

tartar-removal-and-other-benefits-from-dental-checkups What makes tartar different from plaque? Tartar is actually a term for plaque that has hardened, which will take place if plaque is not removed from your teeth in time. To remove this substance, you will need to see your dentist. Your hygienist has the required tools and training to effectively remove tartar sticking to your teeth – without that removal, you face a real risk for tooth decay. Dental visits help keep you safe from harmful problems. If a cavity forms between checkups, your dentist can find it, remove it, and restore your tooth with a dental filling before it has a chance to worsen.

Regular Checkups Make It Easier To Sustain Good Oral Health

Going in for a dental visit every six months provides you with regular updates on the condition of your smile. If you show worrying signs of damage that can lead to tooth decay, your dentist can step in and help you recover. Of course, if your dentist finds a cavity, they will take restorative action. If you miss appointments, a problem can continue to harm your tooth, to the point that you have to undergo a root canal treatment.

A Checkup Is About More Than Your Teeth

Your dentist is looking at more than just your teeth every time you seek treatment. When gum disease is not stopped in time, it can develop into periodontitis, and you can find yourself dealing with serious oral health risks, including tooth loss. If your dentist sees cause for concern, they can provide you with a Perio Tray, so that you can recover your periodontal health.