The History Of Fluoride Treatments

The History Of Fluoride Treatments

Posted June 5, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

fl The addition of fluoride to municipal water supplies began an ongoing debate about the safety and necessity of water fluoridation. Research, however, has proven time and again that fluoride is effective for helping prevent cavities. No research has proven that fluoride is unsafe. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water supplies, but not at high enough concentrations to benefit teeth. That’s why it is increased, to combat decay.  Read on to learn the history of fluoride.

The 1930s

Because tooth decay was becoming profuse at this point in history, a study was performed during the 1930s that investigated the relationship between fluoride in drinking water and tooth decay in children. The results of the study showed that children who were exposed to drinking water that was naturally high in fluoride presented with less tooth decay compared with those children who drank water with less fluoride. Dental issues were at a high during this time with youngsters suffering pain from decayed teeth in the need of extraction.

The 1940s

Fluoridated water became a highly researched topic. Finally, in 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan was the first city to add fluoride to its municipal water supply.  This was the beginning of community water fluoridation–adjusting the fluoride levels in water to reduce the occurrence of cavities in children and the pain and tooth extractions that resulted from rampant tooth decay.

Over 70 Years Later

Over the past 70 years, cities all over the United States began adding fluoride to their municipal water supplies resulting in a dramatic decline in caries proving that fluoride saves money and teeth.

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