The Science, and Convenience, of Dental Implants

The Science, and Convenience, of Dental Implants

Posted March 29, 2014 by Wager-Evans Dental

senior woman brushing teeth When you’re missing one, several, or all of your teeth, dental implants can grant you a new lease on life by closely replicating the teeth you’ve lost. Unlike other dental prosthetics that fit over existing teeth or onto your gums, dental implants are attached to the underlying jawbone. As prosthetic roots, implants allow your replacement teeth to mimic healthy teeth in both look and function, and their resemblance to your natural smile includes the ease with which you can care for your dental implant-supported restoration.

The Science Behind Dental Implants

Teeth replacement has been a focal point of dental care for centuries, perhaps longer. In fact, gold dentures and bridgework have been discovered that date back as far as 2,000 years ago. Though the science behind dental implants is relatively new, they’ve enjoyed an over 90% success rate since being approved for clinical use over 50 years ago. The secret to their success lies in the process of osseointegration, where your jawbone fuses to the biocompatible titanium implant. Once your jawbone has healed, the implant will become a permanent part of your mouth’s anatomy, like the roots of your healthy teeth.

Like Caring for Natural Teeth

After implant placement, healing typically lasts for about 4-6 months, during which you should avoid hard foods. Tenderness and swelling is expected for the first few days, but if it persists then visit us immediately. Once your jawbone heals, Dr. Wager or Dr. Evans will place your dental crown, bridge, or denture on top of the implants. Replacing lost teeth roots provides unmatched stability for your new smile, and caring for them is as simple as keeping your natural teeth clean. Be sure to brush and floss at least twice every day, and maintain a schedule of dental checkups and cleanings as often as Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans recommend.

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