Watching Out For Evidence Of A Periodontal Infection

Watching Out For Evidence Of A Periodontal Infection

Posted December 4, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Are you keeping up with the health of your gums? If you do not know what kind of signs to watch out for when it comes to gum disease, you can overlook worrying symptoms. You should be aware that a swelling of the tissue, or reddening, can indicate that an infection has developed. Another problem to watch out for is sensitivity to bleeding – if your gums tend to bleed after brushing or flossing, you may have gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Practicing smart daily oral care can help you fight a developing infection, but you should know that help from your dentist is available. You can have a custom Perio Tray provided to you, which will help you address poor gum health.

Can A Perio Tray Help You Restore Your Oral Health?

If you show signs of gingivitis, a Perio Tray can offer effective help. The tray allows you to provide treatment directly to your periodontal tissue, and attack an infection that has formed. This will help you reverse the condition, and return your smile to good health.

It should be noted that advanced gum disease can be more difficult to treat, and can involve more dedicated care if you want to keep the problem managed.

Preventing Gum Disease Can Help You Avoid Tooth Loss Later In Life

Effective periodontal care today can mean a full smile in your later years. The problem of adult tooth loss is most often tied to advanced gum disease. When your infection grows serious, it can be difficult to manage, and can require dedicated care. Stopping an infection before it reaches this stage will help make your oral health care needs less complicated in the future.

Talk To Wager-Evans Dental If You See Signs Of A Periodontal Infection

At  Wager-Evans Dental, you can look forward to expert care when you show signs of periodontal trouble. By receiving a Perio Tray, you can target infected tissues, and protect your smile. Located in Reno, NV, we proudly offer care for residents from South Meadows, Double Diamond, Caughlin Ranch, Donner Springs, Meadowood, Sommersett, Arrow Creek, and all surrounding areas. To set up a consultation or your next dental appointment, visit our office, or contact us today  by calling (775) 829-7700.