What Keeps Replacement Teeth Secure?

What Keeps Replacement Teeth Secure?

Posted March 10, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

what keeps replacement teeth secure If you are missing a tooth – or if you have lost several – dental prosthetics can be beneficial to your oral health. Tooth loss can make chewing and biting an uncomfortable experience, while forcing you to put certain teeth under excess strain. Did you know that it can also increase your risk for developing chronic headaches? The awkward adjustments you make to work around a missing tooth, or missing teeth, can lead to TMJ problems, which can cause a number of frequent discomforts. Luckily, replacement options can restore your oral health and help prevent the onset of these problems.

How Dental Crowns Keep Your Dental Bridge Supported

A dental bridge is securely placed thanks to assistance from dental crowns – a dental crown will be fitted on each of your neighboring teeth, which lock the bridge in place. Typically, this procedure needs you to attend two visits, as your dentist will need an initial visit to take an impression of your mouth to create the bridge, and prepare you to receive the crowns.

Holding A Tooth In Proper Position With A Dental Implant

With a dental implant, you can enjoy the added security of a prosthetic tooth root, along with your prosthetic tooth. Your jawbone will actually fuse with the implant, which is surgically placed in your tooth socket. A dental crown can be placed over the implant, and enjoy the kind of support keep your natural teeth in place.

Hybrid Dentures

As an alternative to dentures that stay in place thanks to suction, or with adhesive, you can receive dentures locked into place with dental implants. A sequence of mini dental implants will be inserted, and your dentures can be designed to fasten themselves to those implants, for a firm placement.