What Kind Of Difference Can Veneers Make For Your Smile?

What Kind Of Difference Can Veneers Make For Your Smile?

Posted January 8, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

An attractive smile can be enormously influential on the quality of your appearance, and your self-confidence. Cosmetic dental work has helped many people enjoy significant improvements to their looks, as your dentist can provide care for many different problems. Those patients looking to make a big difference in how they look can be thrilled by the impact porcelain veneers have on their smile. With veneers, you can make dramatic improvements that have an enormous benefit to your appearance. You can make your smile brighter, hide flaws caused by dental damage, and even cover the presence of gaps and overlaps.

How Porcelain Veneers Make Such Big Improvements To Your Appearance

Veneers are specifically designed for your smile. Your dentist will take measurements, which are used to ensure that your veneers fully cover your teeth. They are then permanently fitted onto the front of your teeth, where they can hide whatever issues might be holding back how you look. Their placement can have a transformative effect, as your smile will now be completely rid of whatever flaws previously hurt its quality.

Planning Cosmetic Dental Work

A cosmetic consultation can help make sure you have the right treatment to suit your needs. Your dentist’s insights can be valuable when it comes to preparing for any type of work. One issue that may come up is a concern over the health of certain teeth. Because cosmetic work will not have functional benefits, your dentist may need to perform restorative dental work. In other cases, a person might not recognize the real source of their problem. Discolored teeth are often addressed with a professional whitening treatment, but patients with intrinsic discoloration are better served with a different approach.

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