When Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction Necessary?

When Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction Necessary?

Posted January 30, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

At what point is a full mouth reconstruction called for? If you keep up with regular care at home, and see your dentist for preventive appointments, you should avoid needing much more than the occasional restorative dental treatment to take care of a problem. However, if you allow problems with your smile to build up, you may need to arrange a more involved plan for dental care. Your dentist can work with you on that plan, by outlining what sort of care you need, and helping you schedule those treatments in a way that fits your needs, and your budget. One reason to rely on the services of a comprehensive dentist is that you can have a variety of work done through them, rather than having to seek out help from different practitioners.

Your Comprehensive Dentist Can Handle A Range Of Dental Needs

Comprehensive dentists can offer a variety of services to help your smile. They can help when you need work for damaged teeth, or teeth suffering from decay. They are also able to provide whatever services you require if you are looking to make cosmetic dental improvements.

Scheduling Regular Checkups Can Help You Avoid Needing A Reconstruction

The best way to avoid needing a full mouth reconstruction is to make oral care a regular priority. In practice, that should involve more than just brushing and flossing. You should make a plan to see your dentist at regular six month intervals. Waiting longer can leave more time for something like a cavity to worsen, and eventually cause uncomfortable internal problems for a tooth.