Your Oral Health After A Dental Filling

Your Oral Health After A Dental Filling

Posted November 14, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

your-oral-health-after-a-dental-filling Your dental filling will take care of your tooth after a cavity, and – thanks to composite resin – it can avoid altering how you look. Your dentist will rely on a dental filling when you need to restore a tooth that has had a smaller cavity removed. If the cavity is too large, your needs can be better met by a dental crown. That being said, your dentist can replace lost enamel after a cavity with a composite resin filling. This will close up any exposure left by the treatment, and help ensure your tooth is strong enough to function as effectively as before your cavity.

How A Composite Resin Filling Benefits You

Composite resin has a clear advantage over metal when it comes to looks. This is because the material is so life-like, it is used in cosmetic dental work. Thanks to the substance’s ability to bond directly to your enamel, you also enjoy real support, and experience less of a risk of movement from your filling.

Better Preventive Care Can Help You Avoid Needing Fillings In The Future

If you want to limit your time spent undergoing dental treatment, make sure you keep up with regular checkups. These preventive visits help you avoid cavities, so you need fewer fillings (or, in more severe cases, dental crowns). You can also do your part by keeping up with your brushing and flossing, and by thinking about what your diet is doing to your teeth. It is important to remember that your oral health can also be affected by unhealthy gums. If you have periodontal troubles, a Perio Tray can help.