3 Conditions Your Dentist Can Help Manage During A Checkup

3 Conditions Your Dentist Can Help Manage During A Checkup

Posted May 12, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

3 conditions your dentist can help manage during a checkup Incorporating semiannual checkups into your oral care plan can make it easier to provide quality care for your teeth. At each visit, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, and your dentist will study them for a variety of different potential problems. As much as you can do to keep them in top shape at home, your dentist’s care goes far beyond what you can do on your own. During a checkup, your dentist can find cavities that have started to form, even if you do not realize there is anything wrong with your tooth. You can also receive help with different conditions that indirectly affect your oral health, but absolutely need treatment.

1. Cavities

Early cavity treatment can help you save more of your tooth from decay. When a cavity has more time to grow, your dentist will have to remove more material to save your remaining tooth. If decay is caught in time, your tooth can be restored with a filling. However, a more serious cavity can damage enough of your tooth to make a filling inadequate. In these instances, your dentist will need to place a crown on your tooth.

2. Gum Disease

Treating gum disease before it becomes serious is important, as the advanced stages of an infection can be significantly more difficult to manage. A periodontal treatment from your dentist can address gingivitis, and stop an infection from developing and causing serious harm to your oral health.

3. Sleep Apnea

One major benefit of talking to your dentist about sleep apnea is that you may be able to have it treated without a CPAP machine. A special mouth guard can be designed to stop your airways from closing while you sleep.