A Comfortable Experience During Involved Dental Care

A Comfortable Experience During Involved Dental Care

Posted January 27, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

The prospect of a more involved restorative dental treatment can put some patients ill at ease. Just the thought of spending more time stuck in the dentist’s chair can create anxiety for some. You should understand that your dentist will only recommend something like a root canal treatment if the condition of your tooth is serious. Putting off this treatment can mean spending more time with tooth pain, and allowing decay more time to do damage. To help manage potential discomfort and anxiety, your dentist can rely on modern sedation techniques to improve your experience.

Some Cavities Need More Involved Treatment Than Others

Not every cavity will call for care at the level of a root canal treatment. If your dentist spots growing tooth decay during a routine checkup, they can stop it early, and take care of your tooth with a dental filling. This means saving more of your tooth, and enjoying a more conservative restoration. After a root canal, your tooth will need to have a dental crown placed.

Providing A Comfortable Dental Experience

Improvements in dental technology have allowed your dentist to provide patients with a more comfortable experience. Many patients will rely on nitrous oxide for help – this gas will help you relax through your visit, and you will be free of its effects in time to drive home from your appointment. However, some patients need a more potent type of sedation, and will prefer an oral sedative. An oral sedative will make it necessary for someone to drive you to and from your visit. However, it can be effective for patients who suffer from higher levels of anxiety.